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The People Playground was born from my love of working with people to help them find their best self.

When you truly have CLARITY on who you are and what’s important to you; have the CONFIDENCE and resources to get it; you’ll have the COURAGE to have some fun, and kick some serious goals.

I’ve learnt from my own experiences what brings the best out of me and how different leaders throughout my career have contributed to who I am today. I’ve worked with some truly exceptional leaders – but I’ve also worked with some leaders who weren’t as self aware of how their behavior impacted those around them and some of my greatest lessons came from working with them.

No I have the opportunity to share with you what I’ve learnt. I know it will make a difference to how you view yourself and what you deliver.

I have developed some incredible online programs to help you become more self aware. I also work 1:1 with Businesses, Teams and Individuals.

A team looks like their leader and the success of any team you lead starts with you, so what are you waiting for!

DiSC Advanced Profiling

A DISC Advanced profile helps us to understand our natural behaviour patterns. They provide insights into us that can sometimes be quite confronting, but also incredibly empowering. I am a firm believer that when you have greater self awareness, you can make better decisions which ultimately leads to better results.

DISC Advanced System, can be likened to a map. A Map can provide us with a frame of reference to make intelligent decisions as to where we need to go. If we do not know where we are, it’s obviously very difficult to reach our destination.

DiSC is available for Individuals, teams and pairs. We highly recommend for anyone wanting to invest in DiSC Profiling their team, that they undertake the process first and lead by example.

To read more about the History of DiSC, please click here. To experience DISC and become more self aware get in touch here.

Create Conscious Leaders

“When you’ve got greater Self Awareness you can make better decisions, when you make better decisions, they lead to better results”.

The Creating Conscious Leaders Series is a series of courses designed to give you a space safe to find Clarity, Confidence and Courage.

6 weeks to Greater Self Awareness
No need for any fancy names, the heart at what we do, starts with developing greater self awareness.

In 60 days you’ll –

  • Complete an Advanced DISC Profile and gain greater clarity on who you are and your natural behaviour patterns.
  • Become more aware of how your behaviours and decisions impact others – Situational Leadership
  • Develop stronger, professional relationships with those influential to your success.
  • Be wondering why you’ve never done this before.

We shine a light onto the awesome, the not so awesome and the stuff we’d rather no one know about, because lets face it, at least when we know about it, we can do something about it.

This Program is for people that

  • Are current or future managers or leaders who want to be more aware of how their decisions, behaviours impact others.
  • Are passionate about self development and understand the investment is cheaper than taking no action
  • Want to progress their career
  • Want clarity on how they become the best version of themselves.
  • Are prepared to be open and honest in order to grow.

It’s not for

  • People that want a quick fix and think they can change overnight.
  • Enjoy the drama and victim mentality and live in a world of excuse making
  • People who’s boss told them they need to do this course, you have to want to do it.
Confidence, Courage and Conscious Leadership - launching June 2018
When you’ve got Clarity around the leader you want to be, the behaviours you need to demonstrate and how you’re going to get there, we then need to tackle what’s holding you back and fire up your confidence and courage.

It’s a no brainer, that you need

  • Confidence in the people around you that are influential to your success (and they’ve got confidence in you)
  • To understand what resources you’ve got available to you both internal and external,
  • To Let go of limiting beliefs, so

You can confidently

  • Lead by Example – be human and be your authentic self
  • Leave your Legacy and
  • Become an unconscious CONSIOUS Leader
The Conscious Leaders Club
By invitation only

Strategic Consulting

I’m fortunate to partner with some pretty incredible businesses and people within those businesses and work closely with them on their Strategic Plan. Sometimes all you need is an objective set of eyes or ears to help prioritise where you and the team shoud be spending their time to achieve your goals.

1:1 Mentoring / Coaching


I work 1:1 with a handful of businesses leaders whose values are aligned to who I am, who need a little extra support. These businesses may be in a growth phase, have a restructure that needs to take place or simply prefer the 1:1 attention to fast track their results.




Have your own content and need assistance with facilitation? I’d love to hear from you. Facilitation is definitely one of my favourite ways to spend the day.

Have any questions about my programs? I’d love to hear from you! Get in touch

Since we’ve been working with Michelle, the self awareness of our team has grown immensely.

From who we are as individuals, how we interact as a team, to how we communicate internally and with our clients, we’ve been able to reach new levels of honest and open conversations.

Without a doubt, we’ve been able to lift underperforming team members and help them achieve their potential.

We’ve used Disc as a tool for both current and incoming team members to help facilitate and start conversations around success and development.

Thanks again for the support and clarity. Dan Eagles

Director , Prospace Design