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Give yourself the Gift of Greater Self Awareness


When you’ve got greater Self Awareness you can make better decisions, when you make better decisions, they lead to better results

You’ll Discover…


Why the success of your team starts with you


What happens with a Leader and Employee are both Self Aware


How we kickstart the Self Awareness Journey

Here’s what one of our clients had to say


“I’m a builder + carpenter by trade, and with this comes a very stereotypical attitude toward staffing. You turn up to work, you do your job and you get paid. Simple, right? Well yes, this was the case when it was just a few of the boys, and myself slogging away on site. But as our company has grown toward 40+ staff, a shift of mindset was required to maintain a harmonious, happy and freely communicative workplace both onsite, and in the office.

I realised I needed some help with my leadership in the company.

I was immediately comfortable with Michelle, yet extremely skeptical about the effectiveness and accuracy of DISC. I decided to do it first myself to test the waters. To put it simply, I was both shocked and amazed at the accuracy of the results. I immediately arranged for everyone to take part in individual profiling and one on ones with Michelle. Tthe warmth and empathy from Michelle allowed all our team to literally break free of the shells I had no idea some were hiding in! This was followed by a group session which was not cheesy or typical team building. It was more an open chat and mingle about our experience and light-hearted humor surrounding our individuality we had discovered in one another. Since then, many of my staff have reached out to Michelle, and continued to monitor and progress personal goals.

Based on my experience, I would highly recommend Michelle to not only increase productivity and harmony in a workplace, but open the doors to gaining a deeper understanding of the individuals which make up a team. Michelle is able to achieve this via a warm, friendly, educated, honest and if need be direct approach.”