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“Share the enableHR Love”


One thing that often bemuses me these days is people’s lack of wanting to share. “Share the enableHR love I say !” Whilst many businesses are suffering and it’s not secret that times are tough, In my opinion it’s all the more reason to spread your wings, take a leap outside of your comfort zone and be prepared to share.

I was invited to talk at the most recent Partner Certification for enableHR in Sydney last week and it was really lovely to be able to share with those starting out on their enableHR journery my experiences in how the tool has enabled me to provide an revolutionary support to my clients. Not only to instill best practice when it comes to induction new employees, but improve people efficiency,  compliance and educate them on their responsibilities when it comes to WHS (Workplace Health & Safety) – a whole separate blog coming on this soon as it has actually blown me away how many businesses these days don’t understand the changes in WHS Legislation and the Introduction of the new Model Act and their obligations as a PCBU. (If you’re reading this and run a business and don’t know what a PCBU is, I suggest you may want to drop me a line!).

Back to the Certification. It truly was a pleasure to be able to share with these like minded individuals my experiences being able to now service my clients at a whole new level. One where I had access to their employee files via a secure cloud and could provide them with over 76 precedents to assist in ensuring the documents they prepared for their employees used the correct language and most importantly they followed the correct process and knew when to use what documents!

The group was from all over Australia and at different stages in their careers, but the one common factor we all shared is that we all had a passion for people. Whether it be providing solutions, solving problems, adding value – we were all people people. The industries we worked in were irrelevant.

At the end of the Certification, after we had all spent a few solid hours together, we bonded over a couple of glasses of wine before making the mad dash home to our families. But it was so lovely to have listened to their stores, their diverse journey’s that have led them to where they are today. No one persons experience is ever the same nor more superior than another. I made some great new colleagues that day and we continue to work and share together as the only way we all grow professionally in my opinion is by sharing the love and learning from each others experiences.

For anyone interested in finding out more about enableHR please don’t hesitate to drop me a line – The next Sydney Certification is on Monday 17th June (where I’ve again offered to share the love!).