Personal Branding

Personal Branding 101


Personal Branding always seems to be topic of great interest to all my clients. For me, it is one of my passions and I learn something new about personal branding (and usually myself) every day.

So, the importance of personal branding? Have you ever thought of yourself as CEO of You Pty Ltd? Funny concept when you actually take 5 from the daily grind and try and look at yourself objectively and ask yourself –

“If I was looking at myself in the mirror or meeting myself for the first time, what would I think of me?”

If you don’t feel too confident, perhaps it is worthwhile dropping me an email of giving me a call to have a chat about how you are feeling. Everyone deserves to look good and feel confident. We are all good at different things and well this just happens to be my thing…..excel spreadsheets on the other hand…..yep not my favourite friend at all!!! Infact I swear they belong on Mars as they just talk a foreign language to me!

There are so many more aspects to Personal Branding than you are probably aware. I promise to write more on all the aspects in the coming weeks! Till now, take 5, sit back and reflect on the above question and see what you come up with.