Personal Branding

Left or Right Brained?


Recently I had someone ask me if I was left or right brained. Struggling to remember which side of the brain was responsible for what- I said I’m actually neither, I’m middle brained.

You see, I was one of those people that when we did the personality tests – Myer Briggs – I was in a unique position… one that sat across all colours in all areas….which I think is why I love what I do and can channel my inner blue/green/red or yellow personality when needed.

I recall when I was doing my certification in ‘Image Management’ Jon Michaels from Image Group International (one of the worlds leading Personal Brand Guru’s) analysed my results and said “I struggle to see how a lawyer could be so creative…you don’t fit the typical mould of a lawyer“. And right he was. Whilst I love being organised, efficient, solving complex commercial disputes and mediations, analysing legislation, I also enjoy feeding my inner creativity and exploring new ventures – I’m a life learner, which is why I call myself middle brained.

I’m currently reading several books “How to Get from Where You Are to Where You Want to Be” by Jack Canfield and Rachel Berminghams “Savvy”. In Jack Canfields book, he talks about the 25 Principles of Success. As I start to answer some of the questions at the end of each chapter about what the ideal vision of my life should be, I realise that I’m actually doing ok. I love what I do and am proud of what I have achieved. Similarly in Rachaels book – when I jot down a response to her question “What am I doing right now that is making my heart sing and making me smile” I realise it’s a combination of both left and right brained thoughts.

“Typically, right-brain dominant people are guided by the more emotional, intuitive right hemisphere while left-brain people respond in sequential, logical ways, guided by the left hemisphere. Typically, dominant left brainers will be more organized, they’ll watch the clock, and they’ll analyze information and process it sequentially”. Tick, that’s the lawyer in me….”On the other hand, right-brain students are the dreamers. They can be very intelligent and very deep thinkers—so much so that they can get lost in their own little worlds”. Tick, that’s the stylist in me….

Interestingly enough not long ago, I was searching for a mentor – feeling a little lost after becoming a mum, trying to now re-focus and work out who I was, where my career was heading. It was actually some advice from this person who shall remain nameless who told me that I needed to reconsider how I presented myself i.e.: that I needed to be a professional career woman or a fashion woman, not both. After weeks of confusion (that wasn’t helped by the sleep deprivation that accompanies becoming a new mum) I finally realised that I can indeed be both because that is what makes me me.

So, I leave you with this bit of advice, that inspired me so much I simply had to share it with you on a Sat night whilst watching the wallabies hopefully smash the lines (currently 21-23 to the lions with 2 mins to go – grr) …Don’t let anyone talk you out of your Vision. Find a way to do what you love and make a living out of what you love doing and go and do it!