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HR is sexy



HR is sexy!

Did I get your attention? Seriously Human Resources is sexy. Think about it. How good does it feel to know that all your people within your business understand what is expected of them through having an employment contract, know the type of culture you are wanting them to live and breathe – through personalised (yet compliant) workplace policies and understand what opportunities there are for growth and development if they perform? Let alone to be healthy and safe at work?!? Pretty good if you ask me.

Gone are the insecurities of not knowing what is acceptable and what isn’t, gone is the time wasting of people not knowing what to do when they want to take leave and a massive reduction in the potential risks associated with not being compliant with the Fair Work Act……..if that doesn’t’ sound appealing to you, then you need to question, why you’re in business!?!

I had a joke yesterday with a bookkeeper who said there was nothing sexy about HR….Obviously not wanting arouse any form or harassment I replied and ‘how is entering the same transactional details every day and reconciling them sexy?’ To which he had no response. ‘At least with HR” I said, ‘we have the ability to personalise policies, to be creative, to suit the specific culture and personalities of businesses….and tell me that doesn’t excite employees”.

SO if your business is lacking a little fire in their belly, it might be time to sit with your HR person or dept, have a little chat and let them know what you’d love to see from them. Give them the chance to be a little creative, spice up the way they approach things because HR can be sexy if you know what you’re doing! And as my favourite entrepreneur said “Treat your employees as you wish them to treat your Customers”… will be amazing to see the love from HR to your empoloyees flow through to your Customers.