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How to get that kick ass job!

Do you really know how to get that kick ass job?
If often amazes me how many people have never been taught how to apply for a job – #lifeskills. So, we thought we’d share a few tips with you on how to get that kick ass job!
  1. Research Research Research – Do you research. Got it? Find out everything there is to know about the company you are applying for a role with. Know about the history, especially if a family business and any key events that have occurred. Google them, read their website. Just about every business has a digital footprint these days, so there is really no excuse.
  2. Keep a list or folder with the roles you have applied for and the date / time you applied, so that when you are contacted about a role, you know what the role is and when you submitted your application and can take notes. Always write down the name of the person who has contacted you about the role and their role. If they don’t say ask them. Chances are you will be meeting them if you score an interview, so it’s always important to remember names.
  3. Read the job ad carefully – Is there a specific person that you need to apply to? If so make sure you address the cover letter to them rather than “To whom it may concern”. Search the company to see who looks after recruiting talent – even call the recruiter and ask the receptionist who is looking after a specific role. Use initiative, now is your time to prove you are the one they are looking for.
  4. Cover letters – If you don’t write one, there is your first mistake. Cover letters are the chance for you to sell yourself. But keep them concise. No life stories!! Briefly state – Why you should be picked over everyone else that has applied. Talk yourself up, but don’t be arrogant!!!! Don’t forget to proof read it before you send it! There is nothing worse than a generic cover letter referring to a company they are not applying for the role with!! Small oversight, I know, but attention to detail is so important.
  5. Be prepared – Once you’ve hit that send button if you’ve followed all my points above, you should expect a initial phone interview, so be prepared. Write a list of questions you may have about the role, – who it reports to?  Is it a new role or replacing someone? Also, prepare a few points to answer questions incase you’re not great at thinking on your feet or get nervous. For example the recruiter might as you “why you are interested in this role”?
  6. Know your Salary expectation – Have an idea of what salary you are worth. If you don’t know ask someone – email me, I’m always happy to help. You need to know what your salary expectations are and whether they are inclusive or exclusive of super. You can research market salaries within industries or look on recruitment company websites. Quick tip – don’t exaggerate your current salary (if you’re on one) too much either. It’s a very small world and sometimes all it takes is a phone call to someone you don’t even know the person recruiting the role might know and bam you’ve come undone, which leads me to my final point….
  7. Choose your referee’s wisely. Don’t have a friend from a previous role. Get someone that you know will talk genuinely about you ,who has authority, is impressive and know’s how good you are. Most importantly, don’t forget to tell your referee’s you have put their name down as a referee and the role(s) you have applied for.
  8. Follow up – Once you’ve submitted your resume, if you haven’t heard back within 3 days, pick up the phone and call the company and ask to speak to the person recruiting the role. Never give up. Persistence is the key. If you are really serious about getting that kick ass job, you’ve got to go out and make it happen.
So over to you now – that job you’ve always wanted is just around the corner! Good Luck!