Online vs Bricks and Mortar


Are you an online shopper or do you favour the bricks and mortar? Personally I love nothing more than receiving exceptional service when shopping, however sadly I must say it tends to be a real rarity these day. Why many sales consultants see Customer Service as a life sentence is beyond me. Ok sure some customers can be challenging, but isn’t that what retail is all about? Spoiling your customers, going above and beyond their expectations to provide them with an experience that will ensure you secure their loyalty so they continue to shop with you?

I love nothing more than making other people feel good about themselves as in turn it makes me feel good about myself for doing something that helped someone else (if that makes sense?).

However, there is a tiny tiny part of me that does appreciate the convenience of online shopping when I know exactly what I want, may have tried it on, am replacing a previously much loved item with exactly the same thing, is  a present for someone, or clothes for my son.

There wil always be a place for bricks and mortar in my opinion but retailers do need to be creative and think outside the square in order to continue to ensure they remain relevant and excite and inspire their customers and give them a reason to return.