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Ever had one of those days where nothing seems to go your way? Fortunately for me, today is not one of those days – however there have been plenty throughout my career. You get in the car..running late… only to find the Petrol light is on, you’re walking out the house and your little one asks for a hug before you leave  – unbeknown to you, he has vegemite all over his hands that are now imprinted onto the back of your cream silk top that you picked up from the drycleaners yesterday – you can’t get angry as he smiles at you with the most loveable eyes in the world…as comical as they sound in hindsight, at the time, it can be a fine line of tears v’s resilience to push you to quickly get changed, out the door and then with whatever the day throws your way!

So, it got me thinking, how good would it be if just like a Monopoly “get out of jail free card” we could have a “bad day pass”. A little piece something that you just whipped out and either showed to everyone as you walked into the office in the morning, or stuck on your door or partition next to your computer, so that people knew it was  “one of those mornings/days”……maybe for us ladies it could be a necklace with a beautiful pendant that had “bad day pass” engraved on it, so as soon as you got a glimpse of that around someones neck, so you realise that the answer to that burning question you had been waiting for the previous day, really can wait until tomorrow.

As the old saying goes, if plan A fails, there are still another 25 letters in the Alphabet….so be creative. If you’re having a bad day, no need to take it out on your colleagues, grab yourself a pen / paper – write “Bad day pass” hold it up or give it to someone you may have upset and hopefully they will see the lighter side to the situation and you can move on.